Current Group Members:

  • Luca Giuggioli

    Luca Giuggioli

    Office: Room 2.15, Merchant Venturers Building
    Bristol Centre for Complexity Sciences
    Department of Engineering Mathematics and School of Biological Sciences
    Tel: +44(0)117-3315638

  • Alexandro Heiblum Robles

    Alexandro Heiblum Robles

    Office: Library roof space Engineering Department, Queen's Building

    Confined movement and the spread of diseases in territorial and home range systems

    With a combination of stochastic simulations and analytical techniques, I develop a methodology to extract from individual movement trajectories information about step length and turning angle distribution as well as the size of the confining domain where an animal is wandering. This has direct application to the spread of diseases in animal populations spatially structured in territories or home ranges, whereby encounter rates are affected by rare and spatially heterogeneous interactions which are far from the traditional assumption in homogeneously mixed systems.

  • Tom McKetterick

    Tom McKetterick

    Office: Library roof space Engineering Department, Queen's Building

    Delayed interactions in coordinated animal group movement

    I am reverse engineering an understanding of animal collective motion through data and simulations of small numbers of interacting individuals. I am particularly interested in how these systems are affected by reaction delays between individuals, the presence of noise in the interactions and each animal's limited perception of the environment and their conspecifics.

  • Richard Pearce

    Richard Pearce

    Office: C77
    School of Biological Sciences, Woodland Road

    Pollinator foraging behaviour in a dynamically changing environment

    I am studying how pollinators may respond to a dynamically changing foraging environment, such as what behavioural strategy they may adopt to optimise their encounter of food. This may be affected by what they perceive as the more profitable locations through methods such as memory/learning and considering information resulting from interactions with other foraging individuals. This project is in collaboration with Dr Sean Rands.

  • Alumni:

    Matthew Anderson (Trainee 06/2013--09/2013)

    Lewis Roberts (Trainee 06/2012--09/2013)

    Jonathan Potts (Phd student 06/2009--09/2009; 01/2010--09/2012)

    Piotr Slowinski (visiting PostDoc 06/2012--07/2012)

    Patrick McGovern (Trainee 09/2012--12/2012)

    Sarah Templey (Master student 01/2011--06/2012)

    Andy Aldersley (Trainee 06/2011--09/2011)

    Martha Stuart (Trainee 06/2011--09/2011)

    Frank Marten (visiting PostDoc 01/2011--03/2011)

    Andrew Dunleavy (Trainee 09/2010--12/2010)